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Guiding Questions

Mathematics Content and Pedagogy
  • What aspects of mathematics content and pedagogical content knowledge contribute to teacher retention?
  • What models of professional development contribute to the increase of mathematics content knowledge and/or pedagogical content knowledge of teachers?
  • What models of professional development contribute to the increase the cognitive level of mathematics presented to students?
  • What models of professional development increase teachers’ ability to teach for understanding as articulated in the Standards for Mathematical Practice in the Common Core State Standards?

Models of Support
  • What models of support are particularly effective for new teachers? Why are they effective?
  • Are there models of support that are more effective for teachers in urban schools? In rural schools? In schools with minority majority populations? What makes them more effective?
  • How do we encourage school site and district administrators to support their new teachers?
  • What role does support play in the development of new teachers?
  • What challenges do teachers face when supported by internal vs. external programs?

Communities of Practice
  • How do we build communities of practice both at the school level and at the local/regional level?
  • Do communities of practice emerge as a by-product of professional development or are they purposefully created? Are the communities sustained regardless of how they are developed?
  • How do we sustain communities of practice when project funding ends?
  • What purpose and value do communities of practice bring to mathematics teachers?

Teacher Leadership
  • What teacher leadership roles increase teachers’ desires to stay in teaching?
  • In what way does teacher leadership increase teachers’ desire to stay in teaching?
  • What challenges do teacher leaders face?
  • How do you create teacher leaders that focus on eliminating the learning gap?
  • How do we create teacher leaders that set high expectations of ALL students and ALL teachers?
  • How do we increase the number of teachers of color in leadership positions?

  • What factors do research support that contribute to mathematics teacher retention?
  • What has been the impact of professional development programs that target mathematics teacher retention?
  • What research highlights the factors that contribute to the challenges of mathematics teacher retention?
  • What changes do mathematics teachers make in the classroom over time as a result of professional development that targets teacher retention?

  • What school or district policies need to be in place to increase the retention of mathematics teachers?
  • What are barriers to developing policies that support mathematics teacher retention?
  • What effective school and/or district policies provide the type of support teachers need to stay in teaching?
  • How might we develop policies that support and build understanding of the value of professional learning?