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Problem Statement

A fundamental goal of CMP STIR is to increase the retention of teachers of mathematics in the profession and within the school. The symposium will include presentations that highlight specific data defining the major issues relating to retention, some of which are addressed by the prompts below. This list is not necessarily complete.

  • Is the familiar estimate that half the teachers leave the profession during their first five years of teaching accurate today?
  • What are the corresponding attrition data for mathematics teachers?
  • Is there significant correlation between teacher attrition and school demographics?
  • What monetary costs to the public are associated with teacher attrition?
  • What are the costs in terms of students’ achievement and school performance?
  • Has there been any success in identifying, independent of school district, which new teachers are most likely to leave the profession during their first five years of teaching? Has this been tracked down to the pre-service level?
  • Teachers leave the profession for many different reasons; is there information available that statistically summarizes these reasons?
  • Where do Mathematics teachers go when they leave the profession?
  • For movers, what type of schools do they leave, and what type of schools do they move to?
  • Are there specific characteristics of schools that help retain teachers?
  • Has the recent economic contraction resulted in less teachers leaving the profession, and, if so, to what extent?
  • Can more careful recruitment strategies at the pre-service level help with lowering the turnover rates?
  • Can Professional Development help with lowering the turnover rates?And what type of Professional Development is more efficient? How do we quantify this? What other type of support is efficient?
  • What role does Alternative Certification play in the issue of teacher turnover and retention? Has this been quantified too?