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MTRS Speaker FAQ

If you are selected to make a presentation, you will be required to follow the guidelines provided in these FAQs.

General Information

When and where will the 2012 MTRS be held?

The 2012 MTRS will take place March 22-24, 2012 in Los Angeles, California

When and where will the presentations be given?

Presentations will be given at a hotel in the vicinity of Los Angeles Airport

Proposal Information

Who will attend?

National audience to include classroom teachers, administrators, researchers, professional development providers, and policymakers.

Who is eligible to present?

We accept proposals from mathematics and mathematics education professionals, teachers of mathematics, researchers, administrators, and policymakers.

How many proposals may I submit?

MTRS allows only one submission per lead speaker.  You may be a co-speaker on other proposals but you may only submit one proposal as a lead speaker.  If a speaker is listed as the lead speaker in multiple submissions, the most recent submission will be the one selected for review. You may be informed in advance if this occurs.

Are there presiders for my presentation?

Presiders introduce only major speakers identified by the Program Committee.  If you wish to have someone assist with your presentation, you may find someone to do so, but the guest’s name will not be included in the program book.

Presentation Content and Format

What topics regarding teacher retention may I choose from when writing my proposal?

The 2012 MTRS will focus on the following strands:
  • Mathematics Content & Pedagogy as a foundation for teacher success.
  • Models of Support for incoming mathematics teachers.
  • Communities of Practice that continue to support teachers as professionals in their careers.
  • Teacher Leadership opportunities that enable teachers to feel ownership over their roles.
  • Research into the challenges of mathematics teacher retention.
  • Policy and its impact on the ability to recruit and keep quality mathematics teachers.

What presentation formats are allowed?

  • Regular session (90 minutes) with one lead speaker and up to two co-speakers

  • Panel session (90 minutes) with lead speaker/moderator and up to four panelists

  • Poster session (90 minutes)

Proposal Submission

How do I submit a proposal?

You will find a link for the Speaker Proposal Submission on the navigation menu to the left of this website.  The proposal is completed online. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep this email for your records. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please email

When is the submission deadline?

The deadline for receipt of proposals is midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on July 15, 2011. 

Are there any restrictions in submitting a proposal?

Restrictions include the following:
  • Proposal information cannot be changed once the proposal form had been submitted for review.
  • Co-speakers cannot be added or changed once the proposal form has been submitted for review.
  • There is a limit of two (2) co-speakers for a regular session OR four (4) panelists for a panel session.
  • Selling or promoting products is not allowed in MTRS presentations.  You may describe how materials, etc. are used in classrooms but your presentation focus cannot be on selling the product.
  • If any project or commercially available product is the main focus of your presentation, the project or product must appear in the title.
  • Please observe copyright and trademark rules.  If you plan to use copyrighted or trademarked resources or songs, you must obtain appropriate permissions prior to submitting your proposal.

What should I consider when writing my title and description?

  • Most attendees decide whether to attend a presentation by looking at the title and description in the Program Book.
  • A description that is engaging and tells briefly and specifically what you plan to do during your presentation is most helpful to the Program Committee and the symposium attendees.
  • There is a limit to the amount of information you may provide on your speaker proposal form.
      1. The title is limited to 30 words.
      2. The session description is limited to 100 words.

  • The Program Book listing includes the title, description, strand, name, and professional affiliation of each speaker, and day, time, and location.

  • Do not use acronyms or all CAPS in your name, affiliations, address, title or description.

  • MTRS reserves the right to edit presentation titles and descriptions

Audio/Visual Equipment and Room Set-up

What audio/visual equipment is available?
    All presentation rooms will be equipped with the following:
    • Projection screen
    • LCD projector
    • Document Camera

    Presenters must provide their own laptops and any adapters that may be required in addition to the regular VGA cable.  Session rooms will not be equipped with microphones or speakers.  Please contact if you will require audio equipment. 

What if my presentation requires additional audio/visual equipment? 

    Speakers who require alternative a/v equipment are responsible for bringing or renting the additional equipment at their own expense.  A menu of available audiovisual equipment through the hotel can be provided upon request.  Contact

How will the room be set up? 

Meeting rooms will either have rounds of 6 or classroom seating (similar to a lecture hall).  Once a proposal is accepted, the speaker will be sent an online presentation needs request.  Speakers may request for a preferred room set-up, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Proposal Acceptance

Are all proposals accepted?

    No. All proposals are peer reviewed based on specific criteria and our volunteers strive to ensure a balance of topics in order to offer a comprehensive experience for all attendees. We receive many more proposals than we can schedule on the program and therefore we cannot accept every good proposal due to space limitations.

When will I know if my proposal is accepted?

    On August 31, 2011, you will be notified by email whether or not your proposal has been accepted. If you do not receive an email notification by September 1, please check your spam filters and email to verify the status of your proposal

What do I do if I receive notice that my presentation was accepted?

    • Read the acceptance notification carefully and register by the September 30, 2011 deadline.   
    • Please take this final opportunity to review your proposal for typographical errors. Check the facts. If you have co-speakers, are they listed accurately? No additional co-speakers may be added at this time but affiliation and contact information may be updated in the database.
    • Meet the deadline. If the acceptance steps are not completed by the September 2011 deadline, your presentation may not be included on the program for MTRS 2012.

What if I need special accommodations for my presentation time? 

    Before submitting a proposal please be sure you are able to give your presentation at any time during the symposium. We will make every effort to accommodate scheduling requests made for religious considerations if they are communicated in advance on the speaker proposal form. No considerations will be accepted after the proposal submission deadline, July 15, 2011.

What if I have to withdraw my proposal?  

    Contact as soon as possible.

What happens if my contact information has changed?  

To make changes to your contact information, please contact It is your responsibility to inform us your contact information; your presentation may be rejected or cancelled if we are unable to contact you.

Registration, Expenses and Honoraria

What are the speaker and co-speaker registration fees? 

MTRS will provide complimentary registration for all speakers or panelists.  One complimentary registration will be provided for each poster presentation. 

Are my expenses covered?  

MTRS will not be providing lodging or travel for speakers.  Discounted lodging rates will be available through the conference room block at the hotel.   

Will I be reimbursed for my materials and handouts?

MTRS will not be reimbursing for materials or handouts; however, upon acceptance of your speaker proposal, you will receive a link to an online presentation needs request form where you can indicate any special requests for audiovisual equipment, room set-up, materials and upload any document files that you would like us to print out for your participants.  

Will the presenters receive any honoraria? 

MTRS will provide an honorarium of $400 for each speaker session and each panel presentation regardless of the number of speakers or panelists. MTRS will provide an honorarium of $50 for each poster presentation.

Additional questions?

    Please contact